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4pack, Episode 1 Date: 7/15/09
The first in a series of collections of random shorts from Neptune Circle! It's our own kind of sketch comedy show. Make sure to check out the deleted scene, inspired by the great NG classic toon, Brutality by McFretN. You can see three other deleted scenes back on NeptuneCircle.com
Clarence's Magical Snowman Adventure Date: 3/28/09
Length: 1:06
Clarence has a magical adventure when he and his snowman encounter a magical hat.
Sinister Schwimmer Date: 11/15/08
Length: 0:52
PJ enlists the help from David Schwimmer
Team Kill Date: 9/14/08
Length: 0:40
Part of a series of random shorts. This one is about John's video game conquests and how sometimes, he can go a bit overboard.
Back to the Future, Staring Clarence Date: 6/03/08
Length: 0:23
Part of a series of random shorts, This is a short scene from Back to the Future, if Clarence had costarred with Christopher Lloyd.
lolbob Date: 4/01/08
Length: 2:15
Rocky discoverers "lolcats" and decides it's his ticket to fame and fortune... with the unwilling help from Bob. A Movie to go with the 2008 April fools page.
The Superman Movie Date: 7/07/06
Length: 4:55
PJ and Bob try to find Superman and Clarence gets hurt along the way.
Serendipity Gone Awry Date: 6/15/04
Length: 2:00
Serendipity Gone Awry means a fortunate accident (serendipity) gone wrong (awry). Made as a part of the Newgrounds Versus part 3.
PJ's Got A Stun Date: 4/07/04
Length: 1:00
PJ buys a stun gun. Made as a part of the Newgrounds Jam part 3.
Commercial 2.0 Date: 12/27/03
Length: 3:10
Bob made a commercial aimed toward kids who got money for the holidays. Let's hope it works.
Squirrel Tron Date: 11/17/03
Length: 0:55
Rocky Pinnicle's contribution to the first Newgrounds Jam. If you haven't seen the hit movie Tron, shame on you! Its an awesome movie and Squirrel Tron parodies it. Even if you haven't seen Tron, you should still get a kick out of Squirrel Tron.
Stratastrophy Date: 5/01/03
Length: 2:22
There is a large meteor headed toward the earth. Who will step up and save us from certain doom?
Pinnicle's Art Homework Date: 1/23/03
Length: 0:35
A little something Rocky made for his art class when he was told to draw his self portrait with his left hand.
Pinnicle's Prank Call Date: 1/23/03
Length: 2:20
Rocky prank calls his older sister with a Miss Cleo soundboard from ebaumsworld.com.

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