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''More Characters'' Date: 7/06/04
Length: 7:10
'Can you add more characters to your NeptuneCircle.com team', asks a NeptuneCircle.Com fan.
''Clarence'' Date: 6/27/04
Length: 3:30
'Can you make a flash movie of clarance's life explaining why he isnt accepted to Neptune Circle?', asks a NeptuneCircle.Com fan.
''Bob's a Girl?'' Date: 6/19/04
Length: 3:00
'Is Bob a girl or boy?', asks a NeptuneCircle.Com fan.
''Cat Nip'' Date: 2/07/04
Length: 1:20
'Does catnip really cause drunkenness in cats?' asks a NeptuneCircle.Com fan.
''Soundboards'' Date: 10/07/03
Length: 2:00
Suggestion Box #4 'Why dont you make soundboards so we can prank call our friends,' says a NeptuneCircle.Com fan.
''Tutorials'' Date: 8/14/03
Length: 6:50
'You guys should make tutorials on how to make the style of flash that you make,' says a NeptuneCircle.Com fan.
''Faster Movies'' Date: 6/30/03
Length: 3:25
'Make your movies faster', says a NeptuneCircle.Com fan.
''Mor Games'' Date: 6/09/03
Length: 3:10
'Need mor games,' says a NeptuneCircle.Com fan.

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