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Hamster Lovin' Date: 2/14/08
Length: 4:25
Bob the Cat tries to nap but is repeatedly interrupted by an overly affection and misguided hamster.
Silent Film: Holes Date: 6/14/07
Length: 2:45
Another class assignment. This time experimenting with gravity, physics, and the environment.
Silent Film: Rainy Day Date: 4/10/07
Length: 1:50
Bling to the Future Date: 2/21/07
Length: 7:05
What do you get when you cross Back to the Future with tricked out rides, diamond grills, and a truck load of Bling? You get one sweet tricked out time machine! Check it out! Made by Rocky and John of NeptuneCircle.com, and sponsored by ArmorGames.com. Look for the next episode coming soon! Sponsored by ArmorGames.com
60 Seconds til Graduation Date: 9/20/06
Length: 0
Your graduating in 60 seconds, but your GPA is too low! Fly around campus and gather good grades! Instructions: WASD to move, fly around collecting good grades, and doging bad. Use your gun to shoot away bad grades too. If you can hit multiple papers
iPod: Nana Date: 12/19/05
Length: 0:12
iPod Nana. The first iPod for your grandmother. Done in the style of the real iPod commercials, and the Family guy parody. Thanks to the Hardy and Hamilton morning show on WBCN Boston for the idea and Captain Vern for the music advice.
The Dead Marshes Date: 7/04/05
Length: 0
An LOTR themed game sponsored by ArmorGames.com. Frodo, Sam and Gollum are heading through the Dead Marshes to the Eye of Mordor, but before they begin, their canoe spins out of control. The gameplay is based on Kuru Kuru Kururin for the GBA and MiniClip's Twiddle Stix. Beat the game on hard mode, with every coin for unlockable bonus boats to make the game extra easy or extra hard!
Forest Fight Date: 4/17/05
Length: 0
An LOTR themed game sponsored by ArmorGames.com. You are an archer, defending the land against an Orc invasion, and they're evil wizard ruler.
Betrayal Date: 3/14/04
Length: 1:47
A movie made for the Newgrounds Time Trial #4. The rules for the movie were a 60 second time limit and the title, "Betrayal"
Dragon Puff Z Date: 10/17/02
Length: 0:50
Some how, the cast of Dragon Ball Z got sucked into a strange world.
''I Know Kung Fu'' Date: 10/17/02
Length: 0:40
Just another Stick movie. Made one summer when JohnMazz should have been working.

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