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4th of July, 2009 Date: 7/08/09
Length: 1:50
John comes from the future to warn himself about PJ's pranks...
Double Dare You Date: 12/27/08
Length: 1:28
Clarence helps settle an argument between Rocky and PJ.
4th of July: 2007 Date: 7/03/07
Length: 1:30
PJ tries to prank john yet again this year.
Zombies of the Apocalypse: 4th of July, 2006 Date: 10/11/06
Length: 5:12
Every year on Fourth of July, PJ tries to prank John. This year, things get a little crazy...
how i saved easter Date: 4/22/06
Length: 3:15
Clarence tells the story of how he saved Easter!
Cooking w/ James: St Patty's Date: 3/18/06
Length: 5:35
James hosts his cooking show with a St. Patricks Day cooking contest!
Valentine's Day 06: Meet Byte Date: 2/13/06
Length: 1:05
Boot is lonely on Valentine's Day.
NC Christmas '05 Date: 12/24/05
Length: 2:20
Bob and Rocky exchange Christmas presents. Hopefully, Bob will get it right this year.
Cooking with James Date: 11/26/05
Length: 3:50
James gets his own Cooking show. Cooking with James special Thanksgiving Edition.
4th of July '05 Date: 7/03/05
Length: 2:00
Bob is in trouble and John and PJ step up to save the day on this Fourth of July.
how i saved thanksgiving Date: 11/24/04
Length: 3:00
Clarence tells the story of how he saved Thanksgiving.
4th of July '04 Date: 7/03/04
Length: 1:37
PJ wants to cook this year's the 4th of July BBQ.
NC Christmas Date: 12/22/03
Length: 1:20
A Merry Christmas, from NeptuneCircle.Com.

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