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4th of July 04 Date: 7/03/03
Length: 0:55
John and PJ plan for the 4th of July.
April Fool's Movie Date: 3/31/03
Length: 2:25
Ha ha! We tricked you. We made you believe that a disgruntled forum member named xy6er n1nja hacked our site. This was made to go with our April Fools Day prank of 2003.
Strapped for Cash Date: 11/18/02
Length: 5:20
Rocky and James find a scam to make money to keep NeptuneCircle.com up and running.
Dodge Ball Date: 6/30/02
Length: 0
Play the Neptune Circle kids' favorite sport
Bob T-Shirt Commercial Date: 1/29/02
Length: 2:00
A commercial for Bob the Cat t-shirts. These shirts are real! They do exist! Bob shirts, and all kinds of Neptune Circle merchandise is available to buy on NeptuneCircle.com

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